Solar Panel Cleaning Service


Solar panel cleaning is becoming increasingly more popular due to a growing  understanding of how solar panels work with the weather. Team Renewables own a SolarCleano M1 Solar Panel Cleaning robot which is designed to have a cleaning capacity up to 800m²/h. Available to you as part of our solar panel cleaning service so that your solar panels can remain in optimum condition. Keep reading to find out more about our service. 

Why Is It Important For Your Solar Panels To Be Cleaned?


Solar panel cleaning is imperative to not only maintain aesthetic appeal but to ensure that they can work effectively. Over time through different weather conditions, debris such as leaves or animal waste can collect and block sunlight from reaching the panels. This means that you will not be getting the most out of your investment. Typically, it is recommended to have your solar panels cleaned every six months to ensure they can work properly.

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What Is A Solar Panel Cleaning Robot?


The SolarCleano M1 solar panel cleaning robot is an easy to use, lightweight cleaning robot that even runs on solar itself. It is designed for use on commercial sized solar PV installations. The main benefits of the robot include:

  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Cleaning capacity up to 800m²/h
  • Use deionized & reverse osmosis water
  • Option for waterless solar panel cleaning
  • Helicoidal soft brushes won’t damage your solar panels

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How Does Our Solar Panel Cleaning Service Work?


As part of our solar panels cleaning service, we bring all our specialist equipment to your site, including water, with us. The water is deionized and goes through a reverse osmosis process, ensuring it is the purest water for use on your generation asset, leaving the panels naturally clean with an almost completely streak free finish without the use of chemicals.

Our specialist operators are trained solar PV installers and as such understand how the technology works, the associated dangers of cleaning them, how to spot defects and how to work safely around your solar panels.
We recommend cleaning your solar asset twice yearly. As a bare minimum at least yearly to maintain consistent levels of generation.

We recommend cleaning your solar asset twice yearly. As a bare minimum at least yearly to maintain consistent levels of generation.

Why Choose Us For Your Solar Panel Cleaning?


Team Renewable have years of experience in the solar industry and are taking our service to the next level with a solar cleaning website. We offer:

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