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Team Renewables supplies high-quality solar panels for your business’s needs across the South, West and North Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, North Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire regions. Providing bespoke energy solutions to suit your business, Team Renewables are able to meet your solar panel requirements. 

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Solar PV Panels: 

Here at Team Renewables, we offer Solar PV panels for your business needs. Solar PV panels are extremely environmentally friendly and don’t produce any greenhouse gases or CO2 emissions to produce electricity. They are low maintenance and don’t require regular checks, only once per year by a professional. This ensures that they are running at maximum efficiency.

Why Are Solar Panels Important For Businesses? 

Solar panels have many benefits and can help you regardless of the size of your business. The benefits include: 

  • Saving money: With solar panels, you can reduce your electricity bills as you are producing your own electricity. This means that you spend less money with an energy supplier. 
  • Reduce your carbon footprint: By having your own solar panels for your business, you aren’t directly contributing to the carbon emissions. As you are no longer using traditional methods, such as burning fossil fuels, you are helping the fight against global warming. 
  • Low maintenance: Solar panels require little maintenance once they’ve been installed. They only need checking once a year to make sure they are running efficiently. Solar panels only need to be cleaned once every 5 years unless you are in a particularly dirty environment or if they are installed at a low-angled pitch

Avoid rising energy costs: As it is harder to source fossil fuels, energy prices continue to rise. By producing your own solar power, you rely less on traditional energy sources and can stretch your money further.

Solar panels

Business Case Study

Large Business Install in Rugby:

We recently helped a customer with a project whereby they had very high energy usage on a large business premises. Their usage was 331.89 MWh per annum therefore we recommended and installed 638 x 410W panels which is the equivalent of  261.58 kWp of Installed DC power. 

This install resulted in 222.34 MWh of yearly energy production going through 2 x 100kW Solaredge ‘state of the art’ Inverters. What’s more, the payback of this investment was less than 5 years. Contact us today to schedule a free call to discuss how we could help you with your business property’s energy usage. 

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